About Us

Goals and Objectives

We believe in a learning environment that supports children’s initiative to explore, investigate, observe and experiment while allowing for appropriate risk taking within safe boundaries.  In doing so, we strive to foster the development of self-esteem, self-concept and social competence and create a life–long love of learning in our children

Our goals are:

  • To provide a healthy, positive, loving and fun learning environment for the “whole child”
  • To help develop a child’s courage to try and fail
  • To feel free to think and explore creatively in problem solving
  • To set and complete one’s own goals
  • To develop self-discipline and self-reliance in our students
  • To learn that each child is distinctly different and important to the group
  • We strive to instill in children a love of learning


Staff Qualifications

The teaching staff is highly qualified with at least two teachers per class.  In order to provide the utmost in personal attention and instruction, our teacher/child ratios are low and meet NAEYC requirements.  Every teacher participates in at least 24 hours per year in continuing education courses and is certified in first aid and CPR.

Teacher/Child Ratios

For the Children’s Day Out program (9months-two years) the child/teacher ratio is 3 to 1 for the infant class and up to 6 to 1 for the two year old classes.

In the Dayschool (3 -5 years) the child/teacher ratio is 7 to 1 for the three year old classes and up to 8 to 1 for the older children.

Director and Assistant Director Bios

Kellie Dietert is a California native and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Development from the University of California Davis. Kellie taught the Blue Beagles at WWDS for three years and was a Child Life Specialist for eleven years, meeting the developmental and emotional needs of hospitalized children. She has been married to David for fourteen years and they have two daughters: Rachel (12) and Lauren (10). Kellie enjoys traveling, hiking and reading.


Assistant Director

Ruthie Holguin has been with Westminster for 15 years. She has a B.S. in Psychology from the University of Houston. She taught in the classroom for four years, was the CDO Curriculum Coordinator for nine years and is beginning her third year as Assistant Director. She has 2 sons and a daughter: Anderson (16) is in 11th grade, Paulie (10) is in 5th grade, and Nina (9) is in 4th grade.