CDO is a two day program designed for the nine month through two year old child.  The child/teacher ratio is 3 to 1 for the infant class and up to 6 to 1 for the two year old classes.  The children engage in active learning and gain social-emotional skills through exposure to art, literacy, music, mathematics and exploration.

The Weekday School

The Weekday School is a three to five day program for the young three through five year old child.  The child/teacher ratio is 7 to 1 for the three year old classes and 8 to 1 for the older children.  Our classrooms are designed to promote learning through child-initiated exploration and both large and small group activities.  The Day School Program nurtures the development of skills in language, literacy, mathematics, science, fine motor, critical thinking, creative processes and social-emotional interactions.

Enrichment Programs include chapel, music, motor, Spanish, science and story-telling.


At each level, our students are exposed to age-appropriate activities that facilitate pre-reading, writing, pre-mathematics and science skills.  The schools utilize curriculum resources from Innovations for Toddlers, Everyday Math and the Rice Literacy program.

Summer Program

We host a short summer program, for our existing students, on Tuesday & Thursday in the month of June.  The program is a relaxed fun-filled program of creative art, outside play and language development for the children.